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Serifos (Video)

Serifos Cyclades Greece -
The very old Church Agios Georgios Viglis(watchtowers) is on the northwestern part of the island (near the bay ¨KARAVAS" 37.19920 - 24.46094) on the headland at a height of 80-100 meters from the sea.

Route from Ramos to the Lighhouse
Cyclades Greece (c)2014

The Monastery of Taxiarches on Serifos: The Monastery of Agioi Taxiarches is located on the northern side of Serifos Island, close to Galani village. It is a men’s monastery built in 1572. This Monastery is dedicated to the patron saints of Serifos, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The Monastery served as a religious, educational and economic centre of Serifos till the late 19th century. It had many Venetian fields in its possession and was the storehouse of many treasures. That is why the Monastery had fallen victim to many pirate raids.

The architecture of the monastery is interesting. It has got the look of a fortress with a tall strong wall that is built around to protect it from plunders and pirates. It has got a marble and wooden carved chancel screen with a gilded throne. The beautiful murals painted by Emmanouel Skordilis represent the fight of the Archangel against the Dragon of the Revelation.

The Monastery of Agioi Taxiarches is paved with marble. There is a relief work inthe shape of a double-headed eagle at the entrance, symbol of the Byzantine Empire. It also hosts a number of religious heirlooms including many manuscripts, the Sacred Codes of 1754 and valuable rare books. A library has been founded in the Monastery in 1909. The Monastery is today open to public.

Panagia village - A rainy day - Feb 02, 2014

Colors of Serifos by Agelos Zias

Serifos Video from above

Galani, Serifos Isl. Cyclades Greece Photos by Nikos Atlidakis & Katerina Spilani (c)2014

View of Serifos Island Greece in a slideshow of 26 ultra high resolution (4k) photos.