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Time Lapse

Landscape Photography: Winter, Polariser, 10 Stop Filter

Published on Sep 30, 2014 Travelling through more than 30 different countries, Stan Chang reveals the magic of changing light scenes through time-lapse photography captured on his Nikon D800E and D600.

Published on Jun 10, 2014 - The past few months I've been working on time lapse video. This is the final composite with some time lapse done in HDR. Some HDR done using Photomatix Pro and some were done using SNS-HDR. All time lapse shot using my Canon Rebel T2i and Magic Latern app.

Published on Apr 20, 2014 i have put together some various night sky time lapses i have taken in tasmania over the past 6 months into one big complication. make sure to watch in ultra HD 4K.

Published on Mar 15, 2014 A collection of timelapses I shot in February, 2014. The music is an instrumental song I made a while ago. (still one of my favorites for timelapses

Published on Apr 8, 2014 A collection of timelapses I shot in March, 2014. The music is a remix I did of "Ain't no sunshine" by Bill Withers.

Attiki Athens Greece Shot & post produced by Daniel Rhodes.
8,364 photos shot in Athens, Greece, edited into one timelapse composition.
Inspired due to my love of the city :) Shot with a Canon 600D: Lens - (Sigma 18-250mm HSM Macro), using a Meike Intervalometer. Shot intervals varying from 1 to 8 seconds, exposures from 1/500 to 1 sec.