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Tricks+Tips (Video)

Published on Apr 17, 2015
Create Dynamic Time Lapse Movies. Tips and techniques for image capture and post-production using using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Star Trails Photography Tutorial: Take Pictures at Night

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial for Beginners - How to Create a GIF Animation

Trippy 'Face in a Face' Halloween Make-up Published on Oct 10, 2013 This look is inspired by Sebastian Bieniek Double Face Photo series My Viewer Rita sent me an e-mail requesting me to do a Tutorial on the look since it would be Affordable, Unique and Easy to do for Halloween.

Published on May 8, 2013 by Howard Pinsky
Here are my top 5 favorite features in Photoshop CC. 32-bit HDR editing within Camera Raw, the ability to add Camera Raw as a filter, the improved Smart Sharpen, Shake Reduction, and shape properties, which include editing of rounded rectangle corners!
Photoshop CC is set to hit the Creative Cloud on June 17th.
More about Photoshop CC:

Turn Day into Night in Photoshop! (Photoshop CS6)

This is a quick video on how I use Topaz Adjust to create a more dynamic HDR image. The image used was a three exposure HDR photo tone mapped and processed in Photomatix Pro. Photo was then brought into Photoshop to apply a Topaz Plugin for more pop.

How to Make a Frame in Photoshop Elements Captain Kimo Style
Upped on May 30, 2012 by CaptainKimoHDR
In this video tutorial I will show you how I make a frame for my photos like the ones that I present on This video tutorial covers making photo frames using Photoshop Elements.

Now you can create your own CUSTOM panels in Photoshop and InDesign!

Here’s a short video I did to celebrate the launch of the latest edition of my book, ‘The Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photographers” (the book is already written, edited and is getting its final prep before it heads to the printing press)
This video is all about those cool little features, tweaks, and enhancements in Photoshop CS6 that don’t get all the big headlines (like Content Aware Move, and Adaptive Wide Angle), so a lot of folks don’t know about them, but they are pretty darn sweet! Plus, I threw in a tip or two along the way.
By the way, just in case (ya know) you can pre-order my book at, Barnes &, or wherever cool books that have some really cool stuff in them (including a really helpful majorly updated chapter on Photoshop’s built-in HDR, and a brand new chapter on editing video from your DSLR right within Photoshop CS6 itself, which I think for a lot of folks is exactly what we’ve been waiting for), are sold. :-)

How to merge/combine two photos in Photoshop CS6 (Photoshop CS6 Tutorial) Photoshop CS6-Merge two pictures.
This is step by step tutorial on how to merge/combine two photos in photoshop CS6 or any other version of photosho like CS5,CS4 CS3 etc..there are many ways to do this but here i am doing this with the help of eraser tool.The process is fairly simple

Create an Instagram style image in Lightroom 4! Tutorial exclusive for

We are extremely excited to introduce the new RH-1™ series lens for Canon DSLRs, compatible with the new 5D Mark iii, 5D Mark ii, 7D and others. The RH-1 provides an ultra wide field of view, with no distortion, that's nearly double that of other ultra wide lenses currently on the market. The RH-1 f/2.4 is housed in a break resistant polymer composite.
There will be a lot more details about the lens, the U.S. release date and pricing at this year's NAB show in Las Vegas. Although an official price has not been confirmed, we are happy to announce that we'll be retailing the RH-1 lens for a price less than $600.
Depending on how well the initial launch goes, we're looking forward to releasing compatible RH-1 mounts for Nikon and Panasonic. Additional details to come!

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial - How to make Color Splash effect in Photoshop CS6 (Photoshop CS6 Tutorial) This tutorial video shows you how to make a color splash effect in photoshop CS6. there are many ways to do it. but this one is very easy and simple.this tutorial will work for previous versions of Adobe Photoshop too.

High Dynamic Range photography, more commonly known as HDR, is part art and part science. The science part makes it cool. The art part makes it interesting. Or maybe the other way around. We've assembled a trio of HDR examples to help you understand the most important aspects of HDR, from aligning hand-held shots though applying dramatic effects and brushing elements in and out. Happy exploring!
Learn more and download free trail at

Published on Mar 5, 2014 Lots of people have been asking me to make a video tutorial of how I make "time stacks" from a timelapse. I finally got around to it. I was just getting over a cold when I recorded it, so I sound a little funny, and the low quality built in laptop mic didn't help either. Here's a written tutorial that has some good tips and more info on stacking.

Photoshop: Don't Erase! Mask Instead!

Published on Jun 3, 2013
If you've ever touched the Eraser Tool in Photoshop, you're doing it wrong! With the many non-destructive tools that are available in Photoshop, every edit you make should easily be reversible, including erasing. This video will discuss Layer Masking, and how it can replace your eraser!